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At BusinessBuilding, we focus on helping you build your online business…1 product at a time.

The starting place for this is to set up your core lead generation and marketing websites (Landing page, Sales page, and/or Blog) as quickly as possible to really make youronline presence felt.

See the table below for access to our paid website creation products.

Quick Website Creation Products
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Description Product Price
Landing Page and Email system (Done For You)(Complete Online Lead Generation system) A done-for-you landing page (lead generation page) on WordPress, integrated with your email management system.Package includes
1. A live Landing page
2. Assistance in setting up your domain name, web host, email Autoresponder system, Google Analytics
3. Tutorials on how to create your free giveaway and write/load your autoresponders.
Landing Page and Email system (do it yourself) LP Template and video instructions with Email autoresponder integration. $250
Additional Option…  
(Do it Yourself)… Create multiple
Landing and Sales pages
Landing Page, Sales Page and Email system (Do It Yourself)
Purchase this WordPress Template to create your own landing and sales pages, and then integrate them with your email management system. You’ll do it yourself, but with the built in tutorials and our bonuses, you’ll have everything you need! $197
Other Services to activate your lead generation system 1) We’ll coordinate the creation of your ‘Free Giveaway’ that you provide to your prospects.
2) We’ll write and load your 10 Autoresponder emails for you.
3) Initial Marketing to drive traffic to your List
4) Monthly online marketing package.
(Pricing discussed on a 1 on 1 Consultation, based on your Needs.)
Bonus tutorials with all packages 1) Finding Great Keywords
2)Writing Effective Headlines
3)Writing Effective Bullet Points
4)Writing your Autoresponder
5) How to Create Your Free Report

After you have purchased a paid content or product option, you will be directed to the membership site where you’ll have access to the product (self study) or further instructions on how to proceed (done for you).

The best way to contact us is to submit a customer support ticket at our help desk. Just click the link below.

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