Stratagement Modules

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11-18-11…Here is the replay for the first Stratagement Webinar, Module 1.

More content will be added to this Module (and future Modules), as we discussed in the live Webinar.



11-21-11… 15 min. Video: Tapping into your Creativity.

Get the MP3 audio download.


Your supporting worksheets can be found in 2 places:

1) The Dropbox folder to which you have access…”Stratagement”. (Copy this entire folder into your
master dropbox folder and rename it, leaving the originals intact.)

2) Several files at, to which you have access. (Leave the originals intact. Copy them into
your own account at Gliffy, so you can make your edits.)

12-6-11…Here is the replay for the second
Stratagement Webinar, Module 2.

(Note that the first few powerpoint slides did not size accurately. You can view them
in the pdf of the powerpoint presentation, which I put inside your Dropbox folder.)

Module 3

As mentioned in Webinar #3, I wanted to provide you with a sample Goal/Strategies/Actions
progression in wedoist. I found it easiest to create a pdf of my Goal #1, rather than give access
to the folder in wedoist. It is in your Dropbox folder.

This will model the format that you will use. (1 new Project for each Goal. Your Strategies go under each
project in “Add new List”. Your Action steps go under each Strategy.)
Once you create a free account, you’ll be able to set up your own Plan.

12-8-11…This is the Webinar replay for Module 3.

Module 4

12-12-11 This is the link to watch the 10 minute video on our blog about ‘Google Calendar Overlays’.

12-16-11…Here is the replay for the fourth
Stratagement Webinar, Module 4.

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