Step Backwards to Get Ahead I Selling Backwards Worksheet

by Mynders

There’s a fundamental flaw in the way we’ve been trained to market our products and services. And that is to create our marketing plan from where we are, rather than where we want to be.

I know, it goes against logic to start planning from the end point. It’s so much easier to think, “This is where I am, so what do I do next?” But think about it…There are 2 inherent problems in this approach…
1) Your action schedule is always biased toward what is presenting itself right now as most important. A new marketing idea to promote your product presents itself and it seems like it’s the only way to go…and it’s got to get done right now.

2) Starting from where you are now only allows you to consider action steps you already know. On the other hand, if you look at the end point and plan backwards, then you are forced to consider the motivating factors to the prospect that are inherent in that marketing step, as well as anticipate the immediately preceding action that would lead a prospect to take that next step. And you can do this all the way to the start of your campaign.

A Marketing Example…
Reverse Engineer a Preview Webinar

I’ve prepared a worksheet to show you  how this process works. Begin by downloading the “Selling Backwards Worksheet“.

The idea here is to begin your marketing plan from the end…letting the process guide you toward the beginning. In this example, I’ve devised a sample product…an energy drink for the athletic market, which I’ll call ‘Pro-Active”. I’ll be selling this online product via a preview webinar that would be marketed to multiple Affiliates’ lists. You’ll notice from the worksheet that it’s a 7 step process, working from the end…to the beginning of the marketing process.

At the top of the form, we starting with identifying the strongest desire that the prospect has that would cause them to buy your product, as well as the product attributes that would fulfill that desire.

Working backwards, we next identify what the free content needs to cover in order to lead the prospect directly to a conclusion that they have a Need that you can fulfill.

But it doesn’t end here. This process encourages you to focus on the ‘trigger’ to get the prospect to optin to your message, as well as building the ‘know, like, and trust me’ factor with the prospect and the Affiliate…even before you promote the Webinar.

Now that you’ve had a chance to go through the sample, here’s the template so that you can complete this process for yourself.

Now, go out and apply this process to any marketing campaign you are envisioning.



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