The purpose of this page is to share with you the considerable knowledge I have gained with respect to shipping products from China to the U.S….especially by sea.

I personally work with Pam Cail, Manager of  HYC Logistics, a worldwide freight forwarder based in Memphis, TN. If, after reviewing the info below, you would like to work with them, I am sharing Pam’s contact information at the bottom of this page.

Disclaimer: I have had good experiences working with HYC, and I am referring them because they have gotten to know the needs of Amazon sellers (especially ASMers), as a result of our many conversations and other Amazon clients I’ve referred. I do not personally guarantee your results or satisfaction. That is up to you, as a business owner, to work through the potential complications of overseas shipping with them. I do know that they are very thorough, honest, and will keep in communication with you. Finally, I do not personally gain by this referral. It’s simply my way of giving back to the ASM community, from whom I’ve gained so much.

OK…Here we go. Note that I will update this page as I have more to share.

Webinar Replay of Mynders interviewing
Pam Cail for my Training Group

Pam shares all the details related to shipping…timeframes, the costs involved, potential complications and more. You’ll even see her worksheet that covers these items in detail.



Mindmap of the Sea Shipping process

Right Click here to download a .pdf of my Mindmap in which you’ll see the detail of all the time elements involved , as well as decisions that need to be made prior to shipping.

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