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These are resources we use almost every day in developing and growing our online business. We hope you find them as helpful as they have been for us.

Many of these links are our affiliate links, and if you choose to use them, we do appreciate it (and we provide extra support to people who purchased through our links, as our way of saying thank you).

Your Web Home – How to quickly and easily set yourself up on the web and expand your presence. Coordinate your image across the various social media.

Build a Profitable Business!” From Idea to Online Fast

It’s all too easy to spend months (if not years) and thousands of dollars trying to get your business set up online. Just figuring out the required technology is enough to make many people want to throw in the towel. This course takes you by the hand and walks you through each step of getting the basics of your business online and working for you. Be online and building your profitable business fast!


To really set your business up right, you’ll want to host your blog on your own website. Grab a good domain name (or three) at GoDaddy.


After you have your domain name, you need a place to host your site. We use and recommend HostGator. You can start with an inexpensive shared hosting account (like the baby croc) and host a number of blogs or websites on that single account. They use cPanel, so they are compatible with WordPress Direct and a host (pun intended) of other online applications and services. If you don’t know what cPanel is yet, don’t worry. It’s a good thing, and you definitely want it. Check it out here.

Your Voice: Tools, techniques and shortcuts to help you stay in touch with your prospects and customers in the most effective and efficient ways possible. Save yourself frustration, time, and money. is our affiliate link to our new favorite membership site software, WishList Member.

It is an easy to install and simple to use plugin that you use with WordPress (hosted on your site, not with a blog on It’s amazing! So many uses – typical membership sites, course delivery, modular information delivery, and so much more. Right-Click Here to download a report we wrote about the powerful ways you can use this software in your business. You really do want this one – $97 for one domain, and only $297 for unlimited domains!

KickStartCart (1ShoppingCart)

Autoresponder, Shopping Cart, Digital Product Delivery and Affiliate Management all rolled into one amazing system.

If you plan to produce and sell your own products and/or have affiliates in addition to using an autoresponder for marketing, sales and support, you will want to start out with an integrated program instead of a stand-alone autoresponder. This full-service system is highly regarded and used by many online marketers to manage million-dollar businesses, and it’s what we chose for our online business.

You can start small (autoresponder only) and then add on modules as your business grows. Excellent email delivery rates on the autoresponder service. Highly recommended. And it has a free trial! Click here to check it out.


Stand-alone online Autoresponder for those who want to get started just with an autoresponder instead of an integrated system. Excellent email deliverability, one of the best out there. Click Here for your free test drive.


In today’s online world, teleseminars are used to build your list, provide free and paid content, sell products and services, create products, and provide ongoing support to your online community. It’s difficult to think of any business that wouldn’t benefit from adding teleseminars to their business.

InstantTeleseminar is amazingly easy to use (you need a phone and an internet connection), and has great customer service. It automatically records your teleseminar and allows you to arrange to have people listen to it later on, and even download the mp3 (if you choose these options). You won’t want to miss out on using teleseminars in just about every aspect of your business. You can try it for $1 here.

Swipe File Secrets teleseminar replay (free)

Just about everything you do to make your online (or offline) business successful involves words. Written words, spoken words, headlines, calls to action. Using words in your business is not the same stuff you learned in high school or college. When you write for business, it’s called copywriting, and it can take years to learn. All of the best copywriters have their own swipe files that they use for ideas, phrases, flow. You can cut years and many thousands of dollars (both in courses and lost income) by creating and effectively using your own swipe file.

Click here for instant access to a teleseminar we did recently on Swipe Files. It is 75 minutes long, and comes with a 16 page Action Guide and a 6 page Resource Guide. You’ll have to opt in to get it, and this will add you to our Business Building Shortcuts email contact list for updates and information. Don’t worry if you have already opted in on our blog – you’ll only be registered once. But this optin will tell us that you know the value of good writing are interested in learning shortcuts and techniques about copywriting. And we aren’t going to spam you with a bunch of junk. We hate spam too!

1:1 Consultation

If you would like a one to one consultation with us about getting your business online, go to this page for details.

Watch this page, as we’ll have more resources for you as we go. And may we help you make 2012 your best year ever!

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