David Perdew Affiliate Marketing Webinar Replay

On Tuesday, March 27th, David Perdew presented his strategies on how
to motivate Affiliates to help grow your business fast.

David  is the founder and chief architect of NAMS Рthe Niche Affiliate
Marketing System – which is the premier nationwide conference for
Affiliate Marketers.

See Special Offer below the video

Special Offer…$14.97/mo.

Until April 15th

As you found in the webinar replay, David has created not only the premier
Affiliate marketing conference…held twice/year in Atlanta..but also, an
awesome membership program that includes 20 different types of content.

I consider NAMS to be the best combination of content and finding new
Affiliate relationships I have found. I hope you join me in this Community.

He is offering the Membership program (at $14.97/mo.) and the next
conference-NAMS 8 (at a discounted price of $97)  until April 15th.
Check out the details before the price goes up.


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