I’ve Got Game

by Mynders

Many of you know I’m participating in the 30 day blog challenge. But the min reason I’m in it may surprise you.

The most poular reasons people participate are one of the following:

  • To get into the habit of writing posts more frequently.
  • To make new contacts with other marketers.
  • To increase the backlinks to their blog.
  • To build their List through increased readership from the Comments, Tweets, etc.

I’ve Got Game!

Although each of these things is enticing in itself, I participate because it ups my game. I remember a number of years ago, when I was at the basketball gym at the Univ. of VA. awaiting a pickup game. My group of 5 was going to play the winners of the current game. We had 4 players on the court, and the next person in the gym would be on our team.

That next person turned out to be Ralph Sampson, an All-American who took our school to the College Final 4 and went on to be a star in the Pros. Needless to say, my status went up briefly..via association.

So, here’s how my game is elevated by participation…

  1. Certainly all the reasons above.
  2. I learn new technology to increase my blogging functionality. (Just today, i installed a plugin named “Subscribe to Comments” which allows people who comment on my blog to be notified when there’s a followup comment. I saw that on others’ sites.
  3. I can now create content posts a lot faster with the practice…and because I’ve got to get back to my main business-building.
  4. Others in the contest teach me how to interract with them in ways I never would have thought of on my own.

And, it’s all because of the context of interraction that has been created by the very nature of the game itself.

Elevate Your Game

You have a unique opportunity to gain these insights for yourself…with a much smaller commitment. participate in the “Challenge within the Challenge”…a 7 day/7 blog post version tht starts on June 20th. Stay tuned to this link for upcoming details on the  “Mini Challenge”.

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Helen Raptoplous June 24, 2010 at 2:48 pm

I LOVE the idea of uping your game! Way to go!! This blog post is very inspiring and shows me that there is a large number of ways to see things then just at ‘face’ value. All of your reasons for being in the blog challenge are fabulous and also fun!!

I would add that the blog challenge, or writing in your blog at all is a great way to work on a bigger project like a book or a report or a JV project. I use the blog to work on snipets of content that can be part of a much bigger project. I love to re-purpose and am always lokking to get the most use of my time.

Keep up the great work!! Your blog is just outstanding!!

Mynders June 25, 2010 at 6:49 am

Helen, That’s a great use to add to the reasons to blog….building content. I’m glad you were inspired.

It was greta talking yesterday.

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