1) Product Launch Strategies

Every product promotion has related to it a set of websites and technical components that must be created in order to make it flow smoothly. These range from the launch platform you choose to the autoresponder, affiliate management system, right through to your customer service solution.

This video looks at all nine of these components, explaining how they come together to ensure that you cover all the aspects that are important in getting your product promotions in front of the right people at the right time.

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Every time you promote your product online, with a price tag attached, it’s a product launch. Now, you may reserve that term for what you think the Gurus are doing, but you are still are launching a product nonetheless.

I’ve actually identified 7 different models for promoting your products/services…but that’s a story for another day. Today is all about the glue that holds any marketing campaign together, no matter what you call it, no matter how you promote it! We’re talking about a Product Launch Timeline….it’s simply a means to project forward all the steps in preparing for your Launch… so you miss nothing.

You need a timeline, whenever
you are promoting a product…

•To ensure an artificial deadline doesn’t sell your Launch short
•To identify timeframes and people resources needed to be prepared in time.
•To ensure that you’ve covered all the important elements

This video tells you everything you need to know about Timelines…and how to set them up in your business.

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The $7 List Building Model

As I work with clients to get their products online, one of the biggest hurdles they face is getting bogged down…failing to take action. It’s easy to get lost in overwhelm cycles, especially when it comes to putting our expertise out in a way others can consume it. But what if you had a micro-launch [...]

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More Than One Way To Launch Your Product!

There are two essential cores to building your business…Expanding your List and Revenue-creation from selling your products. At the core, these two are integrated, so I want to offer you several methods on how to combine both of these as you grow your business. This can be accomplished by understanding the broad view of launching, [...]

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