Want to Take Your Business to the Next Level? Big Seminar 14

by Mynders

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You’ve heard about Armand Morin’s ‘Big Seminar’, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this page. If you decide to attend Big Seminar 14, and register using our link, we have more for you!

You’ll Receive from Deb and Mynders   (Total value $423)

This is the 14th Big Seminar, and as the name implies, it’s an extravaganza! It’s fun and exiting, but ultimately, it’s about what you take away from the Big Seminar and apply to your business. The benefits to you can be broken down into 4 core components.

We want you to maximize your experience in all 4 of these areas.

I.    Training

At the Event, you will receive great training from both Armand Morin and his hand selected Presenters. And, in reality, when you get involved with the Big Seminar, you are gaining access to not only Armand, but all of us (collectively “AM2”) who have been trained in the same Methods.

  • Bonus #1 (Value: $135): We’re going to have a one hour ‘1 on 1’ Strategy session with you prior to the Event. The purpose will be to see where you are in your business and to guide you as to how to maximize your learning experience at the Big Seminar.

II.    Networking

Normally, when one attends a Live Event, the Networking opportunities are under-whelming. This is because there is no common language between participants, so it can be tough to find common ground for working together in the future. AM2 Events typically bring together people who have been trained in the same Methods, and although they operate in a variety of Niches, they all speak the same language.

  • Bonus #2 (Value $47): Before leaving for Vegas, you’ll be invited to participate in a special Teleseminar just for our Group to learn what we do to maximize our Networking at the Big Seminar and other Events. You’ll learn how to pre-plan so that you’ll meet those at the Event who have the most to contribute to your success.
  • Bonus #3 (Value: $47): Some of the best Networking takes place around the Lobby Lounge at the M Resort. We’ll gather there as a Group, and we’ll introduce you to AM2 Members and other Marketers we know. We want you to connect with those who can mean the most for your business.

III.    Community

If you want to take your business to the next level, you can’t be floating around the Internet as an island. This is a business of relationships, and with the AM2 Community, you will foster relationships that will propel you forward. Community, AM2 style, involves new long-term friendships, people with which to Mastermind and create Joint Ventures to help build your business, ongoing training from Armand and AM2 peers…all of whom are trained in the same methods.

  • Bonus #4 (Value $97): We will gather for dinner Thursday night, at our expense, so you can get a head start on being prepared for Friday’s start. We’ll also invite other Marketers we know to join us.

IV.    Implementation

It’s important that you begin implementing what you’ve learned as soon as you get home. The trainings at the Event are current and leading edge, and your business will benefit if you implement them right away.

  • Bonus #5 (Value $97): You’ll participate in two follow-up Group Mastermind calls.
  • Call 1 (1st week): Learn our biggest takeaways…and those of other participants…and have the opportunity to get focused on what you personally need to implement.
  • Call 2 (2 weeks later): We’ll fine tune your Action Steps to keep you on track. You’ll learn from other participants what’s working for them. We’ll also help you get more from the Networking contacts you made at the Event and help you incorporate Community (AM2 style) into your business.

Important To Mention

  1. If you want to invite a spouse or business associate, the 2nd ticket is half price.
  2. Registration is Risk Free! You get  a 100% refund if, by the end of the 1st day, you feel you did not get your money’s worth.

Please call Deb or Mynders if you’d like to discuss whether participation in the Big Seminar is right for you. (970) 259-9253

We’ll be there to assist you every step along the way…and hopefully you’ll see us on stage Friday night as finalists in the ‘Better Your Best’ contest.

Your Next Action

1.    Decide to Attend and Reserve Your Seat
Go to this link and reserve your seat in the “Big Seminar”. You must use this link in order for you to be a part of our Group at the Big Seminar, and to participate in the Bonuses.

2. Let Us Know You Registered
Submit a ‘Help Desk’ Ticket to us at Business Building Shortcuts.com to let us know you registered. (Include your phone number and confirmation number.)

After we hear from you, we’ll contact you immediately to begin!

Mynders & Deb

Finding Community
We invite you to take a look at our earlier Blog post where you’ll learn what membership in AM2 has meant to us

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