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Mynders Glover and Debra LaQua are co-founders of Business Building Shortcuts, an Internet business which focuses on helping emerging marketers put the basic building blocks into place to develop their online business (Your Web Home, Your Voice, Your Products), combined with the right actions to actually build their businesses.

Mynders and Deb work with those who want to avoid the confusion, frustration and time-intensity of learning a new technology or business building system, and instead, focus simply on the core of what is needed to get fast results.

They begin with the 3 basic business building modules accompanied by templates on how to put these tools into action to build a business:

  1. Setting up your web presence (Blog and Website): How to quickly and easily set yourself up on the web and expand your presence. Coordinating your image across the various online media.
  2. Helping you create your Voice (Articles, Social Marketing, Listbuilding): Setting up the tools, techniques and shortcuts to help you stay in touch with your prospects and customers in the most effective and efficient ways possible.
  3. Creating Products and Delivering Your Content to Your Market: Using Teleseminars, Audio/Video, pdf reports, affiliate products, and more to build and grow an online business.

Mynders and Deb love to share what they have learned, and find that the more they share with others, the more they learn.

About Mynders Glover

Mynders Glover, a successful internet marketing strategist, has a knack for helping emerging marketers implement simple systems and shortcuts to run and market their online businesses successfully.

He has been studying the Law of Attraction for more than 20 years, and is committed to a lifelong path of learning, and teaching others how to be successful.

His unique ability to make learning simple is gift leveraged by clients and followers of his signature Business Building Shortcuts brand. He is the creator of the Shortcut Success Club, a membership program designed to teach members how to leverage proprietary systems of highly successful thought leaders and experts. Participants get step-by-step guidance on how implement these systems and power their business to achieve the same level of success.

Myders earned his Bachelor’s degree from Virginia’s Washington and Lee University and an MBA from the University of Virginia. Between college and graduate school, Mynders worked in the tax and audit practices of one of the world’s largest accounting firms, Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co., where he obtained his CPA certificate. But, his entrepreneurial spirit came calling; he worked for others for only 3 years before going into business for himself. Since then, he’s founded business, management and financial companies, a real estate development company and several successful internet sites.

Today, Myders is putting his learning and diverse experience to work in helping his clients put the basic building blocks in place to develop highly successful online businesses.

Web presence:
Internet Marketing Blog  http://BusinessBuildingShortcuts.com
Personal Growth Blog    http://WealthAttractionFormula.com
Follow me on Twitter  http://www.twitter.com/MyndersGlover
Join me onFacebook      http://profile.to/MyndersGlover

About Debra LaQua

True to her lifelong thirst for knowledge, Deb obtained her Ph.D in Educational Psychology from the University of Minnesota in 1989. Previously, she received her M.S. in Educational Psychology, School Psychology at Moorhead State University and her B.A. in Psychology from North Dakota State University.

Deb applied these skills for many years in the educational arena as a School Psychologist with Moorhead (MN) Public Schools and Minneapolis Public Schools, and most recently in Durango, CO. Also, she has taught classes at several universities as well as providing inservice trainings nationally.

As Professional Development Coordinator to the San Juan Board of Cooperative Educational Services in Durango, she has given over 50 presentations on educational topics including data-based decision-making, using technology and web-based applications, Response to Intervention, Decision-Making, and Problem Analysis.

Personally and professionally, Debra has been involved in personal growth and the Law of Attraction for more than 23 years. Her interest in things somewhat metaphysical began during the two years of medical school attended when completing a minor in Neurology as a part of a Neuropsychology focus during her doctoral studies.

Since 1991, Debra’s more entrepreneurial side has evolved, as she partnered with Mynders on several successful ventures, including a Mail Order Catalog Business, co-founder of a successful Network Marketing Company, and the creation of several special purpose marketing websites.

Amongst her many affiliations, most notable are:
Minnesota School Psychologists Association, Executive Board, President
National Association of School Psychologists, Regional Membership Chair, Minnesota delegate

Activities: Hiking, checking out hot springs, watching rivers flow past, reading, finding new varieties of hoppy beer, copywriting, learning about new technology, road trips in our Lance camper, traveling.

Internet Focus: Expanding upon her Ph.D. in Psychology, Deb’s  long-term passion is in researching and adding value to the internet’s most powerful tools and in teaching others how to use technology and web-based applications in their businesses.

Web presence:
Internet Marketing Blog  http://BusinessBuildingShortcuts.com
Personal Growth Blog    http://WealthAttractionFormula.com
Follow me on Twitter  http://www.twitter.com/deblaqua
Join me onFacebook      http://profile.to/debralaqua

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Kathryn Merrow - The Pain Relief Coach December 20, 2009 at 9:58 pm

The content on this site is great and I love being able to see “who you are” here. You two have a ton of great background to share and I’m so glad you are doing this. What a helpful website!


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