5 Strategies to Leverage Your Optin Pages & Build Your List!

Leveraging Your Optin Pages


Level 1: What You can Do as A Result of Your Own Efforts

If you aren’t using optin pages and forms pretty much everywhere to capture names and email addresses of people who are interested in what you offer, then you are missing the boat.

You want to have lots of optin opportunities for your visitors, and you want to leverage your efforts for maximum benefit, for you and for your subscribers.

The thing is, we always start with our first one. We put up our first optin page. We invite visitors to it in a variety of ways. Then we move on to make another optin page. And the cycle continues, building upon itself.

But it starts with one…

So you have your optin page up and live on the internet. Now how do you get people to actually come and visit it?

While the internet used to operate almost from the ‘If you build it, they will come’ standpoint, that’s not true any more. There are lots of websites and blogs competing for people’s attention. You have to find ways of making it as easy as possible for people to find your site.

Mynders has created a five-part video series that explores ways you can do just that. Here is part 1…

Level 2: What You Can Do With the Help of Others to Drive Traffic to One Opt-In Page

Sometimes it seems like there is only so much you can do by yourself, no matter what the task.

Driving traffic to your optin page is one of those activities that goes faster and better when you have others helping you. After all, there are only so many hours in a day!

There are many ways to find people, businesses and networks that you can leverage to have others participate in getting visitors to your site.

You’ll want to be sure to find the ones that will send the most targeted and appropriate people to you. Nothing is more frustrating for you – and for your visitors – than to have a new prospect show up at your site with high expectations, only to find that it’s not a good match with what they were expecting and what they need and want.

This is where affiliates, Joint Venture partners, other bloggers, social networking come in, to name a few. You really don’t have to do this alone!

Here’s a short video of Mynders talking about how to leverage the help of others to get targeted traffic to your optin page.

Who Else Has Your Potential Customers?

Now that you are thinking of ways to get others to collaborate with you to build your list, let’s define it a bit further.

You’ll want to look for helpers and collaborators who have complementary lists; those whose products and services are maybe not in direct competition with yours (if there really is such a thing on the internet), but where your products and services fit in with theirs.

Let’s use one of our favorite examples, and imagine that you sell recipes for homemade natural dog food.

Now, who else has your market? Your potential customers?

You might consider the following:

  • dog breeders
  • kennels
  • doggy day care
  • pet bed sales people
  • dog toy makers and sellers
  • veterinarians
  • raw dog food ingredient sellers
  • dog trainers
  • dog selection and training course vendors
  • internet discussion boards about puppies and dogs
  • discussion boards about dog illnesses
  • Facebook groups about dogs
  • discussion boards and groups focused on a single dog breed

I’m sure you can think of even more…

These are just a few places you can find willing helpers in driving traffic to your opt in page – especially if you offer a freebie that is of high value to their audience.

Everyone wins – they look good when they offer information and products of great value to their list, the visitors gain greatly from your amazing information, and you build your list… and future sales.

Now let’s look at expanding this concept even further when we start to drive traffic using specific targeted keywords.

Level 3: Use Targeted Keywords to Drive Traffic to Your Optin Page

We hope your mind is spinning with new ideas about how you will be able to drive traffic to your optin page. And we hope even more that you are taking some action and putting some of these ideas into place already.

You’ll want to get to know and love keywords and keyword phrases. They are a huge part of most everything you will do on the internet, including driving traffic to your site.

For our purposes, keywords are those terms people type into search engines when they are looking for some information, products or services on the internet.

You want to figure out what keywords people use when they are in the market for products and services like yours, and use those in your marketing. The more, the merrier, so long as they are targeted to your products.

But just what does this look like? What questions should you ask yourself when you go out to find those perfect keywords to use in your domain name, your headlines, your body copy, and the title of your free giveaway?

Here is Mynders showing you an example of just how you might go about finding the ideal keywords to drive targeted traffic from a variety of sub-niches and related markets to your optin page.

What Keywords Should YOU Be Using In Your Marketing?

Now it’s time for you to grab a piece of paper and figure out some keywords that you can use in your marketing.

Remember the questions Mynders asked? How he found those keywords leading to the free report on Automobile Maintenance?

Let’s get to work…

Go to the Google Keyword Tool External and do your basic research.

  • Use your main terms first – the ones that describe your broad market.
  • Then read through that list and look for new ideas and write them down.
  • Enter those new ideas into the KTE and see what they bring up.
  • Find the best of those ideas and search on them. Write down the best ideas.

After you have exhausted this type of search, start writing down other questions around your market.

These questions might include:

  • What pain might my potential customer be in when they will be most likely to buy my product or service? This can be financial, emotional, physical, spiritual, or other type of pain.
  • What dreams or aspirations would my potential customer have that my product or service can support?
  • What related interests or conditions might be involved that would lead to the purchase of my product?
  • Is my market hobby-related, particularly the fanatical types of hobbies where people purchase information or products related to it?

Then search these topics to see what keywords people are using. Write them down.

Now you have a pretty broad list of targeted keywords you can use to drive traffic to your optin page.

Next, we’re going to start really expanding the reach of your marketing when we look at adding other internet properties into your marketing mix. You won’t want to miss it!”

Level 4: Drive Traffic to Your Opt-In From Many Sites Easily

Are you ready to turbo-charge your traffic-driving results?

In the last few videos, we have looked at ways you can drive traffic to one opt-in page using your own efforts. We also explored ways you can leverage other people’s lists, cooperation and support to expand your list, and do this in a way that everyone wins.

Then we looked at making sure you are helping people find you on the internet using a variety of popular keywords and search terms, and then inviting them back to your opt-in page.

Now, you will see how to take your efforts at driving traffic and super-charge it. Mynders has a short video that shows you the other sites on the internet (such as HubPages, Squidoo, and other popular sites) that you should be using to help people find you more easily, and then invite them to your opt-in page for the free gift.

The benefits of these sites is that they already have high page ranking in the search engines, so when you have a page on these sites that has a link directly to your opt-in page, your opt-in page gets some of their link-juice.

Why should you care? Because the more popular sites that link to your page, the higher you will rank in the search engines, and the more likely people will find your opt-in page when they search for products and services like yours.

OK, here we go!

Multiple Web Properties Pointing to One Opt-In Page

There are many sites on the internet that, for a lot of reasons, get tons of traffic already, and are loved by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. When you put a page, article or post on these sites, you benefit immediately from their longevity and popularity.

You’ll get lots of traffic quickly on these sites, and then the idea is to direct people from those sites to your opt-in page.

What are some of these sites you’ll want to leverage to benefit your online business?


YouTube is a huge search engine all on its own, and when you post a video on YouTube and use keywords in your description of the video, people searching either in general or on YouTube specifically will be able to find you. If they like your video, they’ll likely visit your site. Remember to put the URL of your opt-in page first in the description of your video, and use the full http://www in front of your URL so that it is a live link.


A free site that allows you to create numerous pages about you, your business, a product or service. And, you can include live links on your pages that invite people back to your opt-in pages.

Hub Pages

Hub Pages work a lot like Squidoo. Why would you want to do both? Because when we’re putting our business out there live on the internet, more is better. More places you can be found, by people who hang out on those sites. We all have our favorite places online, you know. More places the search engines can find you, too.

WordPress.com, Blogger or other free blogging platforms

As you know, we strongly recommend that you don’t put your main business blog on someone else’s free blogging site. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from the popularity and traffic these sites generate. Instead of hosting your main blog there, consider these as places for small, targeted blogs. Write a number of blog posts there that are highly targeted to your product, service and keywords, and then send the visitors to your main blog and your opt-in page.

Facebook Fan Pages

This one seems to show up in many categories, right? Fan Pages show up here because you can get involved by participating on complementary business’ Fan Pages, making posts and entering discussions.

Those posts will go many other people’s News Feeds, and if you include a link to a wonderful and valuable gift, many of those people will join you on your blog and will opt in to your list. Just be sure to use the Fan Pages for the vast majority of your marketing efforts, rather than people’s personal profiles.

This is a starter list of web properties you can start to call your own when it comes to driving traffic to your opt-in page. Don’t forget to look for places like this that are specific to your niche or market, as they will have the most highly targeted traffic, and you want to place yourself in front of them as often as possible.

We have a final other video that looks at how this all comes together and works in a synergistic fashion to help you build your list and your online business.

Level 5: Duplicate Your Efforts for Maximum List-Building Results

Are you old enough to remember the commercial that advised you to ‘lather, rinse and repeat’ when you used their shampoo? Even if you didn’t see those commercials live, I’ll bet you have heard of them.

Are you asking what the heck shampoo commercials have to do with your list-building efforts?

Glad you asked…

Congratulations! You have now reached the ‘lather, rinse and repeat’ phase of driving traffic to your opt-in page.

There is really nothing more to learn or figure out at this stage. Will there be new things to learn and implement in the future? Absolutely, and all in good time.

But for now, you just want to do the same thing over and over at least a few times, and watch your list and your online business grow.

Your next step is to wrap all of these up into a duplicate-able system that will allow you to do this quickly and easily, for each new product or service you decide to offer.

As you might guess, Mynders has a few words he’d like to share about that, as he is definitely the systems and automation guy within Business Building Shortcuts.

Leverage Systems In Your Business to Maximize Results

A big goal here is to get maximum results with minimum time and effort. It seems that there is always more to do in a day than you can complete, so you want the time you DO spend on your list-building and business activities to be the ones that generate income.

The temptation that often shows up here is to get distracted by the shiny object syndrome (the newest, best, sexiest, most-hyped ideas), with the end result that we stop doing the things that we know will bring results.

After you do these list-building activities we have been discussing a few times, they will be easy to do. They’ll be almost second nature. And if you let it, they might get boring, and you might want to set it aside for something new and challenging.

The real challenge is not to stop now that you have a firm foundation!

Don’t shift your attention away from building your list for a particular product or service until your list continues to build almost automatically. When you can leave it alone for a few days, or weeks, and when you return, your list is larger, and your sales continue to increase, then you can start to explore your next product or service to offer.

Building Your List Automatically

After you have gotten one sequence of pages and online sites pointing to your opt-in page, using various highly targeted keywords, and people are visiting your opt-in page and actually giving your their name and email address, it’s time to look at expansion.

Not expansion to a different product or service, but rather, expansion to another avenue to drive traffic to a second opt-in page for that same product. Edit your currently successful opt-in page so that it is targeted to a slightly different audience who are looking to solve a slightly different problem, but for whom the answer is the same. Your product or service.

Build out the traffic-generating systems and build your list around this slightly different audience. Nurture it, tweak it. Get it solid.

Now do it again. And again.

Once you have learned how to create this integrated system once, avoiding the pitfalls and doing each step in the correct sequence, you can use it over and over again, product after product. Business after business.

What’s Next

If you’d like to learn how you can harness the power of these 5 leverage methods to build your business, your best way to start is by getting our “Free Report Detailing the 7 Specific Steps for You to Get Your Business Up Online and Profitable…In No Time At All!”

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